Street person 1
Street person 2
Street person 3

Sue encounters three homeless people near the Hollywood and Vine intersection as she dies. In Nikki's reality, they are characters in On High in Blue Tomorrows portrayed by actors.

Things That Happened Edit

Sue, after being stabbed, stumbles over to three homeless people and collapses. Street Person #1 (Helena Chase) says, “You dyin’, lady.” The three then continue the conversation they were having before Sue interrupted, about the bus to Pomona.  

Street Person #2 (Nae) insists to the skeptical #1 that there is a 3:50 bus if you take the subway first. She says she visited her friend Niko there and stayed for two weeks. #1 asks what time it is, and #2 says she doesn’t know: it’s after midnight. She then goes back to talking at length about Niko.

When Sue vomits blood, Street Person #1 turns her attention back to Sue. “It's OK. You dyin’, is all.” She lights a lighter in front of Sue’s eyes. “I'll show you the light now. It burns bright forever. No more blue tomorrows. You on high now, love.” Sue dies.

A Panavision camera pulls back to reveal that this has been a movie scene. The actors playing the street people walk away.

Trivia Edit

  • Street Person #3 (Terry Crews) appears to be dating Street Person #2. His only line is when his girlfriend says that Niko tore a hole from her vaginal wall into her intestine. He says, "Shit, baby. Why do you tell us that shit?"
  • Helena Chase lived in one of the houses used as a location in the film, and Lynch decided to cast her in the film. (Source: Room to Dream, David Lynch and Kristine McKenna, 2018, Random House, p. 418)
  • In the Lynch documentary, Lynch can be seen directing this scene. He tells Chase that she is polite and enjoys talking to people. He also says that she and Crews's character are a couple, that they "get along real good," and that he protects her.
  • Nae appears in Twin Peaks: The Return as Naido, a strange eyeless Lodge spirit with a connection to Dale Cooper.